The Viva Terra Eco Snuggly Slipper-Boots are Sturdy and All-Natural

 - Sep 20, 2010   Updated: Jun 7 2011
These Viva Terra Eco Snuggly Slipper-Boots will keep your feet warm throughout those winter months.

Made from natural sturdy latex with rice husk soles, the Viva Terra Eco Snuggly Slipper-Boots come in either eco-tanned sheepskin or gray tweed. The gray tweed is also all-natural made from unbleached felt wool. With these eco-friendly Eco Snuggly Sliper-Boots, leaving a green footprint just got a whole new meaning.

Implications - Consumers are currently very conscious of the health of the environment and want to contribute to its repair. Eco-friendly products constructed from recycled or natural materials appeal to these eco-conscious consumers. Companies can capitalize off of environmentally concerned customers by producing earth-friendly goods for them.