From 3D-Printed High Tops to Self-Healing Living Sneakers

 - Mar 19, 2014
Innovative shoe designs are constantly emerging, even when you think that everything that could be done with shoes has been done. One of the most impressive technologies when it comes to shoemaking right now is 3D printing, which provides the potential for people to create a completely custom pair of shoes. As well as providing an optimal fit, 3D-printed shoes also unlock the potential to correct foot problems or irregular walking patterns that may cause shoes to wear faster, such as if you’re prone to dragging your heels.

Although the art of making shoes by hand is a dying craft, big brands like Nike and Adidas are looking to lo-tech crafts as a source of inspiration, as seen in the Flyknit and Samba Primeknit, which have knit textures that make the shoes more sock-like, flexible and comfortable.