ThermaCELL Heated Insoles Prevent Wet Shoes and Cold Feet

 - Oct 20, 2012
References: blessthisstuff
Keep your feet nice and toasty this winter with the ThermaCELL heated insoles.

Whether it's shoveling, chasing the bus or walking the dog, wet shoes are almost inevitable in the winter with all the snow and slush. Cold feet are definitely a big mood destroyer, and doubling socks can also make things quite cramped down below. The ThermaCELL heated insoles are wireless and remote controlled. Similar to the seat warmers in cars, users have the option of deciding between three heat settings. The molded cushion lining provides extra padding to the gadgets inside, protecting them from crushing or moisture.

Aside from keeping your feet warm, the insoles are also made from water-resistant material so your feet, and the technology, won't get wet.