- May 22, 2014
Ethical fashion innovations are certainly on the rise more than ever and it's great to see the industry organizing around the things that matters such as the environment and the individuals who work to create the products themselves. There are a wide range of styles featured here from African prints to eco chic hemp materials.

A big trend within these ethical fashion innovations is certainly the use of recycling. Take Liz Alig, a brand that takes eco-friendly fabrics to make something new, unique and perhaps most importantly, wearable. The brand works with various partners in order to deliver the social aspect of their wide-ranging mission. Certainly, that is another current of ethical fashion innovations: there is absolutely no way to go at it alone. Whether it's a committed team or a full-force collaboration, it's about working together for the good of the world and creating positive social change.

From African-Inspired Style to Artisan-Focused Designs: