Upcycled 'Adamah Stein' Designs by Artisans in Senegal and Paris

 - Feb 11, 2012
References: ethiquemode
Adamah Stein is a Paris, France-based social enterprise that collaborates with artisans in Saint-Louis in Senegal to create upcycled, eclectic fashion and accessories.

The employees at the company's Paris-based office design the fashions, which are then created by tailors in west Africa who utilize upcycled materials, which range from recycled prayer mats to old mail bags. The profits from the resulting fair trade fashions are then reinvested into communities in Senegal, making Adamah Stein a triple bottom line business.

"More than a brand, ADAMAH STEIN is a concept of a fair model of production for trade between South and North," the website says. "It is a place of sharing, solidarity and independence within the world of creation."

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