GreenSoul Shoes Works to Support Ethical Business Practices

 - Apr 10, 2012
The team over at GreenSoul Shoes aims to provide over 100 million children in 5 years. For most of us, shoes and sandals are something we take for granted, but over 300 million impoverished children would consider something to protect their feet a luxury.

Working with local artisans, GreenSoul Shoes provides them with a source of income and a global market to sell their goods. All of the shoes enforce the ideals of sustainable fashion with their first line of sandals being made out of 100% recycled rubber from tires.

Every pair of shoe that is sold, GreenSoul Shoes gives a pair to a child in need from the same community. A pair of shoes ensures that a child can attend school, build up self-esteem to better remove themselves from the social stigma of poverty.

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