- Aug 31, 2014
While the phrase "comfortable slip-on shoes" might have some apprehensive about the style associated with said designs, what we're seeing is a number of interesting and chic ways that brands are expanding horizons and rebelling against the standard design of footwear. Traditionally, laced footwear has reigned supreme but as we see the laid-back aesthetic becoming a mainstay, we're seeing bigger brands release designs that would otherwise be considered too casual.

Comfortable slip-on shoes are becoming a staple for both men and women, and while it might seem like they're only targeted at the teen demographic, a shift towards hectic schedules that require ease and simplicity from clothing is seeing a large portion of the adult consumer market hopping on the bandwagon. It might not be long before we see laces become a thing of the past.

From Italy-Inspired Loafers to Multicolor Crochet Shoes: