The R2D2 Shoes are Perfect Pieces of Droid Footwear

 - Mar 25, 2012
References: etsy & incrediblethings
This Star Wars-themed footwear aptly named the R2D2 Shoe is Kara Setkiewicz's latest addition to her line of hand-painted TOMS. The charming robot companion from the epic space opera series appears to be a popular inspiration for a wide range of accessories, from helmets to garbage cans.

The R2D2 Shoe is hand painted with acrylic paint and treated with an acrylic varnish to ensure that the design does not fade with time. All of the designs are hand painted, and although the original is painted on Navy Blue TOMS, fans who don't want to have matching footwear can request different color schemes that coincide with other models of the droid.

Perfect for both science fiction conventions and everyday attire, the R2D2 Shoe is a welcome addition to Star Wars-themed attire.