From Domestic Droid Wear to Robotic Booze Containers

 - Sep 11, 2015
These geeky R2-D2 innovations range from fashionable apparel to novelty kitchen appliances. Each innovation is inspired by the adorable droid that makes the Star Wars series incredibly popular.

Super comfy R2-D2 socks keep your feet cozy while a pair of robotic R2-D2 leggings upgrade the comfy look to a stylish sci-fi ensemble. The amazing little robot has also inspired a line of tech accessories -- a knitted Stars Wars phone cozy allows the durable droid to keep smartphones safe from intergalactic harm while the R2-D2 Smart Safe is a security system that also works via one's mobile device.

These geeky R2-D2 products also include Xbox gaming console that are inspired by the iconic cyborg's colorway and shaped like his recognizable form.