Protect Your Valuables with the Star Wars R2D2 Smart Safe

 - Oct 22, 2012
References: firebox & coolest-gadgets
R2D2 can now save the day for you too when he helps you out as the Star Wars R2D2 Smart Safe. Keep your money and your valuables hidden and out of reach with this life-saving robot.

Star Wars fans will always have a special place in their hearts for the character R2D2, who somehow made cold metal robots so adorably lovable. Working together with your smartphone, the Smart Safe uses sensor-based technology. All you have to do is program a top secret code into your phone and then use that to unlock your safe whenever you want to access your valuables.

You no longer have to stash important items under your bed or rely on breakable piggy-banks to hide your money when you have the Star Wars R2D2 Smart Safe.