The Star Wars R2D2 Bra Satisfies Fantasies of the Series’ Enthusiasts

 - Aug 21, 2012
References: gizmodiva & etsy
The Star Wars R2D2 Bra is the perfect accessory for a girl with a lovable-geek-of-a boyfriend.

Everybody has got their secret fantasy—his might be one with Princess Leia. If you're not as eager to suit up, the Star Wars bra will give you your chance to compromise. As the perfect piece to show your appreciation of the classic sci-fi franchise, it will definitely hit home with your movie-loving significant other -- even better if you’re a fan of the saga as well.

These days, sexy lingerie on the market features lace, frills and barely-there styles, so this bra will surely set you apart. It is made with washable and permanent acrylic paint by SceeneShoes. May support be with you.