The R2-D2 Flashdrive Cufflinks sre Appropriate for Work or a Gala

 - Jun 2, 2012
References: cufflinks & bitrebels
Fashion, work-ready and geek chic, the R2-D2 Flashdrive Cufflinks are perfect for the modern man.

Lucasfilm approved, the cufflinks are not cheap, coming in at $200; however, the price may very well be worth it when Star Wars fans flock to you at the next Sci-Fi convention. Silver plated with enamel, the cufflinks are modeled after the popular blue and white robot from the Star Wars franchise. Each cufflink also acts as a 2BG hard drive, allowing you to carry around up to 4GB of valuable information on you in a discreet and style-savvy manner.

Many contemporary USB sticks are concealable, doubling as either a key chain or some miniature figurine. Only a select few flashdrives can complement one's fashion attire, and even fewer can accomplish that while elevating Sci-Fi apparel to an elegant new level.