- Sep 29, 2014
When searching for playthings to give to your children, many are committed to finding beautiful, artist-designed toys. In fact, many designers and artists collaborate with toy makers or simply create their own to ensure the next generation is entertained with only the very best. On the other hand, many adults are still children at heart and are looking for a hobby. This could cover anything from collectible teddies to skyline sculpted chess sets and mix and match sets that boost creativity in the kids themselves.

Bearbrick is responsible for many of these artist-designed toys in the form of teddy bears that transform, are sci-fi themed or have visually appealing exteriors. Mari Kasurinen plays tribute to a number of pop culture characters like Kanye and Lady Gaga with her decked out My Little Pony renditions. Joe KAWS took a similar route with his interpretation of Peanuts' Snoopy.

From Morbid Sugar Collectibles to Hyperrealistic Animal Plushies: