These Poseable Dolls Allow Comic Artists to Create Impossible Stunt Scenes

Japanese toy and video game maker Bandai created these poseable dolls to allow professional and amateur anime artists to stage extreme stunt scenes.

The poseable dolls are made of plastic and have over 30 bendable joints. They only bend in natural human ways, ensuring that an artist doesn't accidentally draw an awkwardly bent limb, ruining the realism of their anime art. The Bandai dolls also come with a variety of accessories, so that illustrators can create scenes involving guns, cell phones and other props. They even come with interchangeable miniature plastic hands in a variety of different positions, in case the artist needs their poseable doll model to make a fist, wave or point.

Although they may seem like a niche or specialized product, the widespread creation of anime fan art as a hobby is sure to make these poseable dolls popular even outside of the professional comic art community.