From Frat House-Scented Candles to Canned Yeti Meats

 - Dec 25, 2015
While some people do their very best to seek out presents for others that are heartwarming or life-improving in some way or other, these quirky gifts are lighthearted and ideal for both gift-givers and recipients who love to laugh. Some of the most outrageous gift ideas include pen sets that double as eyeglasses, chairs in the shape of sliced bread, as well as candles that are designed to smell like the inside of a frat house.

Other charmingly quirky gift ideas include strange wearables, such as sunglasses shaped like elongated alien eyes, magazines that double as rain hats and shirts that are equipped with more than the usual two pockets for storage.

Consumer desire for individuality and novelty has taken product development to zany new heights.