These Funky Candles Features the Famous Faces of Celebrities

 - Jul 23, 2015
References: emergingthoughts & hellogiggles
Anaheim-based artist Sara M. Lyons has designed a series of funky candles that feature the famous faces of celebrities such as Drake, Hannibal Buress, The Rock and Larry David. While most people will never be able to meet their celebrity crush, these charming candles might just be the next best way to proclaim your status as number one fan.

The heartthrob-inspired candles are part of a collaboration between Lyons and the soy candle maker 'Candelles.' Each quirky candle comes in a small glass jar, which is adorned with the face of a celebrity heartthrob. The celebrity faces are also accompanied by a series of miniature hearts in red, white and pink.

Not only do the funky candles look great, but each one features an intoxicating scent such as cotton candy, root beer float or orange creamsicle.