From Zodiac Basketball Jerseys to Moonstone Soap Collections

 - Dec 23, 2015
These gifts for astrology buffs range from sun sign statement sweaters to nursery art pieces that are inspired by a child's zodiac symbol. In addition to jewelry pieces that pay homage to one's birth month, other standouts include horoscope-inspired soaps and organic bath products that correspond with specific moonstones.

In addition to products that reference Western astrology, other notable examples include Chinese New Year sneakers and even formal clutches by mystical designer Charlotte Olympia -- known for a range of horoscope-inspired accessories ranging from slip-on shoes to eye-catching handbags.

Additional favorites include less expensive items like zodiac prayer candles and healing crystal pendants that aim to enhance one's overall sense of balance and well-being. Furthermore, these astrology buff gifts include DIY zodiac cakes and even astrological wine blends that embody an air of luxury.