The Zodiac Candle from Urban Outfitters Leaves You Worshiping the Sun

 - Mar 12, 2015
References: urbanoutfitters & urbanoutfitters
The Zodiac Candle comes in every astrological sign, so you can pay tribute to your star studded sign in a relaxing way. Each candle comes in a tall glass jar and is hand poured into an amazing color-blocked scheme. The back of the candles outline your birthstone, lucky numbers and even your favorite color. Each candle gives a full astrological reading according to your zodiac sign.

When it comes to prayer candles, the Zodiac Candle is not the only type for sale. Recently, celebrity-inspired effigy candles have also hit retail stores. The idea of worshiping the over-saturated has become a fixture on society. Prayer candles have become a unique way to update the tiresome mundane candle. Together, the prayer candles bridge a gap in a very traditional market place.