- Nov 27, 2015
These gifts for movie buffs are perfect for the person on your list who treats a Netflix marathon as if it were a sporting event. These days, movies are more accessible than ever before. As a result, cinema-inspired memorabilia has permeated pop culture in new and interesting ways.

For movie buffs who prefer the classics, there are a number of gifts inspired by cult films. For instance, fans of the big Big Lebowski may appreciate a charming floor mat adorned with the face of The Dude. For something slightly more subtle, fans of the The Rocky Horror Picture Show will love sporting a bright red lipstick inspired by the film's iconic logo.

For the modern movie buff who can't stop quoting from their favorite film, you might consider a gift on the humorous side. Some hilarious gifts for movie buffs include chick flick phone cases, comedic coffee mugs and cartoon character cookie cutters. These quirky cinema-inspired gifts provide the perfect way to help someone relive their favorite movie moment.

From Cinematic Playing Cards to Chick Flick Phone Cases: