Minke's Minimal Movie Posters Convey the Essence of Classic Films

 - Jun 3, 2014
References: minke.es & ifitshipitshere
As part of a promotional series for graphic services provider Minke, design studio Atipo developed a set of 14 minimal movie posters made from paper.

Stories like Frankenstein, Dracula, Jaws and Alien are classics that are so-well known to the point of being able to be communicated without words. These stories are among some of the ones represented in this minimal paper poster series, along with others like Benjamin Button and Farenheit 451.

The 'Gallery of Papers' is brilliantly executed, using simple techniques like stitching together two different types of paper to represent Frankenstein's monster, as well as another paper poster with scratch marks on it, showing that it might have fallen into the grasp of Edward Scissorhands.