From Hilarious Selfie Replicas to Grumpy Cat DIsney Princesses

 - Jan 11, 2015
Hope you're ready for an ab workout, because the top 2014 humor trends will keep you laughing until you belly-ache.

The rise of Internet humor into the mainstream did not dissipate in 2014; rather, it accelerated. Memes ruled supreme, being injected into art, apparel and social media. Honesty was also paramount when it came to making people laugh this year, whether it was in the form of brutally honest slogans or liquor labels. The truth may hurt, but it's definitely hilarious! This is especially true when it comes to the art of self-deprecation. Whether we're poking fun at ourselves because of our selfie addiction or emoji obsessions, self-deprecating humor is a guaranteed giggle.

Social media was frequently used to parody or satire familiar elements of pop culture, from our favorite films, TV shows and Disney characters. Examples include an Orange is the New Black snapchat account or Tumblr's dedicated to mixing-and-matching movie quotes and movie stills.

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