Funny or Die's Funny Reject Emoji Icons Celebrate World Emoji Day

July 17th happens to be named 'World Emoji Day' and in celebration of this, Funny or Die created the 'Rejected Emojis' Tumblr, showing off "a collection of the emojis that have been rejected by the Unicode Consortium."

Most emoji-crazed smartphone users are probably now aware that Unicode will be releasing a set of 250 new emojis with the Unicode 7.0 update. However, the strange emojis by Funny or Die likely won't make the cut. The mock emojis include obscure things like a bald man reclining on a slice of pizza, Pharrell's hat and a crying face in the shower. Although these seem pretty odd, Unicode's new emoji list includes equally as strange things like "Man In Business Suit Levitating" and a "Notched Right Semicircle With Three Dots."