From Animal-Saving Emojis to Victimized Emoji Initiatives

 - Jul 15, 2015
Unconventional emojis are far more eccentric than the usual smartphone collection. These millennial-friendly emoticons each tell a different story through cartoon-like characters.

After the iOS 8.3 update, Apple owners were given a wide range of diverse emojis to mirror every kind of iPhone owner. In addition to the new found emoji diversity -- and Canada Day -- Tim Hortons created a collection of Canadian emojis that all Canadians can relate to.

In terms of fashion, these unconventional emojis also include stylish emoticons that appeal to all fashion fans. Harper's Bazaar custom couture emojis are the characters to use during fashion week while Footlocker's 'Shoemoji's' are perfect for those deep into sneaker culture.

These unconventional emojis also feature cult film emojis such as the very fetch Mean Girls collection.