The Abused Emojis Empower Children to Speak Up

 - May 22, 2015
References: abusedemojis & adweek
In an effort to help victims of violence speak up and seek help, a Swedish children's helpline has released a set of 'Abused Emojis' depicting children in physically and emotionally abusive situations. The intention is that children will be able to use the emojis when words seem to fall short.

The non-profit organization BRIS released a statement, saying, "The Abused Emojis make it possible for kids and young people to talk about situations where they felt bad or wrongly treated without having to put words on the situation. If you or somebody you know have been hurt, mistreated or feel sad, Abused Emojis makes it easier to talk about."

The full set of Abused Emojis include icons of children with cuts and bruises, as well as images of sneering emoji parents drinking in front of their children.