From Latino Cooking Channels to Sporty Rapper Talk Shows

 - Mar 14, 2016
These examples of niche web programming range from Latino cooking channels to rapper talk shows that pair music and sports content. When examining famed video platform YouTube, niche beauty bloggers are not only spotlighting innovative makeup looks but are also addressing social and political issues.

While influencer Megan MacKay's makeup tutorial touches on the horrors of domestic violence, Tess Paras' latest YouTube video is a satire that spotlights a Donald Trump beauty routine, inspired by the controversial presidential hopeful.

When examining cultural web content, Hispanic video channels and Mexican beauty vlogs target a Latino demographic. For those seeking spiritual content, examples like YouTube's Healing Crystals channel teach viewers about the healing properties of naturals stones while web-based cocktail tutorials and wine networks educate budding mixologists about signature blends and artisan drink recipes.