This Glitter Root Tutorial Shows Women How to Cover Roots in Sparkles

 - Nov 16, 2015
References: mashable
YouTuber Tasha Leelyn created a glitter root video, which teaches women how to achieve sparkling hair that will embrace their roots. There are a few bloggers and hair stylists that are using glitter to cloak their root, which results in a dazzling hairstyle.

Tasha Leelyn uses her YouTube channel to teach those who want to conceal their roots, how to do so right at home. The glitter root process only calls for some hair gel -- any brand, glitter and a mixing bowl. The videos shows viewers to add a generous amount of gel into the bowl, mix in a similar ratio of crafting glitter and stir. The video also suggests putting one’s hair into high pigtails to emphasize and highlight the glitter factor.

While many people are concerned with dying their roots as soon as their hair begins to grow out, this video encourages them to embrace their roots. This simple tutorial provides valuable insight on maintaining a positive attitude towards hair and beauty.