From Luxe Origami Accessories to Couture Playing Cards

 - Dec 2, 2015
These presents for fashionistas are sure to spark some holiday shopping inspiration. Its more than likely that you have someone on your list with a closet that constantly overflowing and a jewelry box that is filled to the brim. Whether they are a style blogger or someone who simply enjoys getting dressed up, these gift ideas are sure to make it into their closet.

For the fashionista who is always willing to experiment, you might want to opt for something unique and unexpected. For example, there are chain-free jewelry sets that allow the wearer to add a decorative touch to the collar of their shirt. There are also crystal-covered sneakers for the person who isn't afraid to pair everyday staples with haute couture.

If you can't find a suitable garment to give, why not opt for something that celebrates their love of the fashion industry instead. Some appropriate gift ideas include couture playing cards, high-fashion picture books and even fashion icon action figures. These kinds of presents for the fashionista are better suited to those who prefer to pick out their own outfits.