The God Save Anna Tee Consecrates the Queen of Fashion

The God Save Anna Tee by Christopher Lee Suave pledges allegiance (to mix metaphors) to the Queen of Fashion: the one and only, Anna Wintour.

For those who are unaware, God Save The Queen is the national anthem for the United Kingdom. The lyrics proclaim, "God save our gracious Queen/Long Live our noble Queen/God save The Queen!/Send her victorious/Happy and glorious/Long to reign over us/God save the Queen."

Christopher Lee Suave, knowing that Wintour is an equally-revered figure in the fashion world, appropriated the lyric to refer to the Vogue editor. Every fashionista knows the importance of showing respect to the Empress of Couture, and what better way to do it than by making a style statement of your own? I'm sure Wintour would, at the very least, appreciate the sentiment.