From Arboreal Emoji Donations to Pizza-Ordering Emoji Texts

 - May 24, 2016
From Domino's service that allows users to order to pizza by simply texting a pizza emoji to publicity stunts involving elaborate emoji-inspired masks, these branded emoji campaigns capture the ways in which brands are capitalizing on this unique and surprisingly relevant facet of "language".

While many brands have released branded emoji keyboard apps, Pepsi Co created an elaborate emoji-based 'PepsiMoji' campaign that took things a step further with customizable user emojis, emoji-based packaging and purchasable themed merchandise available at pop-up shops.

Separately, healthy beverage brand Innocent held a pop-up last year that invited guests to order a drink using an emoji. The event only obliged guests a drink once they shared a photo to social media with the accompanying hashtag, proving that clever event campaigns can also have built-in social reach.