'Text It Get It' by Aloft Hotels Lets You Text the Front Desk

Aloft hotels recently released an innovative service called 'Text it Get it.' The simple concept allows guests to text the hotel a request, rather than call the front desk. Guests are to text a series of emojis with their room number and last name which will prompt a response that confirms the package is on its way.

A selection of six packages are available that include 'the Re:fresher,' a package of toothpaste, a toothbrush, shaving cream and deodorant. Others packages include 'The Munchies' for late night snacks, 'Phone Charger,' for the forgetful ones, and even a 'Surprise Me' pack for fun swag.

In explaining Text it Get it, Aloft believes that allowing guests to communicate through emojis creates a more personalized experience. Guests will be able to communicate with the hotel the same way they talk to their friends.