From Sound-Based Mobile Payments to Emoji-Ordering Pizza Apps

 - Mar 18, 2016
With so many apps available to help consumers pay for items on the go, unique app interfaces help to set certain platforms apart from the rest. With features such as emoji-based ordering and biometric identify verification now available to consumers, it is clear that app-enabled payment systems are rapidly evolving.

Some of the most creative payment app interfaces are those that use emojis to facilitate online payments. For example, Domino's made headlines for allowing consumers to order pizza simply by using the pizza emoji. Inmoji has also come up with a similar system that allows brands to use emojis for eCommerce purposes.

Beyond emojis, many payment apps have found other creative ways to make their interfaces more engaging for consumers. Many of these apps leverage actions that consumers already carry out on their phone such as sending texts, taking pictures or even playing music. In fact, Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is even working on app-based technology that allows consumers to pay for purchases with selfies.