Fooji Helps the Restaurant Industry Move into the Texting Era

 - May 29, 2015
References: & psfk
Fooji may very well revolutionize the way people order food from here on out. Bringing the restaurant industry into the 21st century, Fooji will allow people to order using food emojis. The only downside to what seems like a very efficient delivery service is the fact that people can't be make specific requests.

Psfk explains, "Users can’t be picky however as there’s no way of telling Fooji what you like or dislike on your pizza or in your Ramen, and there’s no time for debating on the best fried chicken in town—Fooji decides that for you as well. As the team explain on their website, "If you cant stand the fooji, get out of the kitchen.'" Yet younger generations may not care to add instructions when its quick and easy to use.