- Oct 9, 2015
These food-based delivery platforms allow consumers to order everything from freshly baked cookies to sustainable sashimi. Although food delivery is nothing new, this particular service has traditionally been reserved for specific foods. However, the advent of mobile technology has expanded food delivery to include a whole new range of items.

While the idea of take-out has traditionally referred to pizza, consumers can now order a wide variety of meals directly from their smartphone. These food-based delivery services include companies that cater to specific dietary needs and niche cultural cuisines. Some of the unusual food items now available for delivery include cold-pressed juices, custom museli bowls and even obscure Japanese candy.

Beyond giving consumers more take-out options, many of these companies also utilize unique delivery methods. For example, there are services that allow customers to have a taxi driver pick up their lunch. There are also drone-based delivery services that can reach customers in remote locations.

From Parisian Picnic Services to Mountainside Pizza Deliveries: