The Fluc Delivery Service Takes Food Orders 365 Days in Advance

 - Jan 27, 2014
References: psfk
If you are a busy individual who often finds it hard to physically go out to buy your lunch, look no further than Fluc, a food delivery company based in Palo Alto in California. The online delivery service is an extremely simple and easy to use site that delivers fresh gourmet orders straight to your door. Fluc isn't your normal food delivery service though as the new service allows customers to order food 365 days in advance, perfect for the individual who struggles to cook or are too busy to go out of their way to buy food.

The inspiration of the new company was because of the founders of Fluc's tightly packed schedules and their lack of a car to drive them around town. Ahmad of Fluc further adds, "we hope to make it really easy for people with demanding schedules to be able to eat well and on time. In addition, we hope to significantly increase revenues for hundreds of big and small restaurants, and we will be able to tell them what to expect so they can project."