From Dramatic Butterfly Benches to Repurposed Street Furnishings

 - Aug 18, 2015
Encouraging a sense of community within large urban centers, these outdoor seating solutions range from both private and public design concepts. Cities have been embarking on new and creative ways to provide residents and tourists with comfortable, multifunctional and artistic outdoor seating.

In a world where we are all on-the-go, outdoor solar benches that charge one's phone are an ideal solution. If someone finds themselves in the mood for a tune, a musical public bench is a fun and functional example.

Privately, getting cozy and comfortable outdoors can be a problem if you don't have the proper seating options. These inventive outdoor seating solutions that can help make any BBQ or vacation more enjoyable. From sofa-style hammocks to rollable, light-weight chairs, these furniture concepts marry style with convenience and comfort.