TreeIt by nITro Appears to Capture the Starry Sky at Night

 - Mar 5, 2014
References: plusmood
TreeIt by nITro is a public bench inspired by the work of architect Dario Pompei. Showing people how they "can tackle the crisis of pollution poisons that has affected the lake of Vico," as written by Plus Mood, it is made up of not only seating, but also a wooden walkway and sprouting decor for some added privacy. These 'trees' is what will get people thinking about nature.

Of course, TreeIt by nITro isn't all that meets the eye. As soon as the sun sets, it becomes a sort of light show, as though capturing the night sky in its grounded embrace. The tips of each branch ends in a bright blue LED light. It made its debut during The Cube Festival.