Designer Les Ateliers Guyon Created These Sailboat Public Benches

Designer Les Ateliers Guyon's sailboat benches prove that public seating can easily double as artwork. These benches look almost surreal, especially when photographed on a foggy morning. Each of these nautical wooden benches includes a large sail. These seats are actually about the size of small sailboats, so with a little imagination people can pretend they're sailing away from their troubles.

These fabulous boat benches are located in Canada, in the City of Verchères. Les Ateliers Guyon's public benches are chock-full of character and creativity, which can only bode well for the surrounding community. The wooden sails attached to the benches will help to shield park visitors from the chilling winds blowing in off the river bank, which is a bonus.

These brilliant boat benches provide people with a comfortable place to sit and day dream.