Croatia's 'Solarna E-klupa' Outdoor Bench Charges Mobile Technology

 - Aug 12, 2015
References: croatiaweek & psfk
Charge your devices with 'Solarna E-klupa,' Croatia's solar-powered bench and outdoor charger. Its main function is to allow for a convenient, practical refuge for low-battery devices. The Solarna E-Klupa is perfect for a quick break from the indoors or even while waiting for transit.

Unlike solar-powered benches in other cities, Solarna E-klupa has many added functions. Firstly it acts as an Internet hotspot for users. Its solar-powered storing capabilities allow for solar power to be used for ten days. Solarna E-klupa also lights up at night, adding a bright, modern art dislay to the city of Solin.

The project was undertaken by 20-year-old Ivan Mrvoš and his classmates and the entire venture was financed by the Solin Council. The group hopes to make the solar-powered charger a staple across Croatia.