From Snack Bar Billboards to Homeless Billboard Beds

 - Jan 30, 2016
As the top 2015 billboard trends demonstrate, gone are the days where billboard advertisements were simply something to look at only in passing. Brands and marketers are now making the most of this valuable advertising real estate as a way to drive interaction and engagement in hyper-targeted ways.

One of the most noticeable ways that this is being achieved is through the use of biometric cues. For instance, Coca-Cola implemented facial recognition software so that its Coke-moji posters could mimic the expressions of people passing by. Similarly, a set of Artificially Intelligent Posters were developed with Microsoft Kinect, in order to get a sense of how each ad is being received.

Another popular marketing tactic that's being embraced by billboard creators is using the climate as a tool for sales. This is seen in billboards that offer sales based on the current temperature, billboards that purify the air, as well as ads made from unconventional materials like ice blocks.

In addition to exploring themes like to Biometric Marketing and Climate-Customized Advertising, the 2016 Trend Report provides insights on a range of marketing topics in print, branding and commercials.