With a Smartphone and Shazam, People Can "Drink" These Coca-Cola Ads

As part of its mission to create joyful moments, Coca-Cola ads commonly employ technology to surprise and delight consumers. This is definitely apparent in the brand's newest 'Drinkable Billboard.

In this series of advertisements, Coke Zero is promoted with interactive marketing and Shazam. With Coca-Cola's posters, billboards and commercial advertisements, people watching were prompted: "Shazam now to drink." Following this direction, an ice-filled glass appears on the screen of a user's smartphone, making it possible to sync with the image of Coke being poured to virtually fill the glass.

As well as being treated to exciting visuals at home or at a concert, participants are rewarded with a free voucher for a real Coke Zero that can be traded in at retail stores across the United States.