From Outspoken Underwear Campaigns to Inequality-Exposing Machines

 - Jan 24, 2016
The top 2015 activism trends reveal that gender-based violence and climate change are some of the most pressing concerns for activists around the world. Although important work is being done to tackle a wide variety of issues, consumers have found numerous ways to show concern for these particular problems.

Although activists have been increasing awareness about domestic violence for decades, this year saw several creative approaches to tackling the problem. The majority of these campaigns took a graphic approach in order to get the attention of consumers. From bruise-revealing beer coasters to outspoken underwear campaigns, these initiative demonstrate the need to combat gender-based violence.

The top 2015 activism trends also highlight climate change as a growing concern among activists. This pressing environmental issue has seen activists from all over the world voicing concerns over pollution, rising sea levels and threats to wildlife.

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