This Initative Aims to Improve Conditions in Clothing Factories

 - Oct 4, 2015
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'#WhoMadeMyClothes' is a new campaign that aims to improve harsh working conditions in clothing factories around the world. Although clothing is more affordable than ever before, few of us stop to think about how it is possible to sell garments at such inexpensive prices. This new campaign aims to use modern technology to bring greater awareness to the people who work behind the scenes.

#WhoMadeMyClothes is an online campaign that aims to connect consumers with those who produce their clothes. To take part in the campaign, consumers are encouraged to take a photo of themselves and the label of their clothing. Manufacturers can respond to the consumer selfies by sending a picture of their workers with signs that read 'I Made Your Clothes.' The simple act of sending and receiving a selfie provides a powerful message about the need to think about who is producing our clothes.

The campaign ultimately helps to raise awareness about the conditions of those who work in clothing factories.