Crown Bee's Initiative to Protect the Bees Highlights Native Bees

 - Mar 18, 2015
References: crownbees & indiegogo
In a joint mission to protect the bees and ensure that fresh produce is properly pollinated so that we have a variety of foods to eat, Crown Bee is launching the Native Bee Project on Indiegogo. Bees are responsible for producing about a third of our food, which is what makes colony collapse disorder so frightening. Although honey bees are commonly used for food production at an industrial level, most people fail to realize that there are much more powerful bees for pollinating food.

In an effort to help the farmers that grow our food, the Native Bee Project proposes introducing Native bees to backyards in small, birdhouse-like structures that are easy and inexpensive to look after. Because Native bees rarely sting, this species is kid-safe and beekeepers don't even need to wear protective clothing for handling or care—which is ideal for beginners.

You can help save the bees by keeping a Native bee house in your backyard and making a donation to the Indiegogo campaign. Depending on the amount contributed, Crown Bee also offers to get your colony going by sending starter species of leafcutter or mason bees.