From Piquant Breakfast Burritos to Spicy Potato Waffles

 - Feb 3, 2016
Spicy breakfast options are a delicious and exhilarating way to wake yourself up in the morning. Considered the most important meal of the day, breakfast is often overlooked due to a time crunch or is overwhelmed with sickeningly sweet options for the most part. In this sense, savory, spicy morning meal ideas that take inspiration from global flavors are a great way for individuals to reinvigorate their current dull breakfast routine.

One example of an internationally inspired dish that is being embraced in the modern era is Makhlama Lahm. The ancient spicy breakfast dish hails from Iraq and has roots in the Mesopotamian era. The dish involves four soft-baked eggs prepared in a bowl with lamb, tomatoes and plenty of rich, flavorful spices.