From Premium Lemon Meyer Relishes to Pumpkin Hot Sauces

 - Jan 21, 2016
From squid ink-infused cayenne pepper hot sauces to raspberry-infused chipotle ketchups, there are countless examples of gourmet condiments that will transform any sandwich into a full-out indulgent feast. As small-batch, artisanal food producers are able to expand their client base through e-commerce, there is a lot of opportunity for experimentation in terms of flavor infusions and unexpected combinations.

One brand that is gaining a lot of attention to Akka's Handcrafted Foods that is based in Fremont, California. Inspired to start a small business after the success of her families recipes with her friends, the founder created a line of high-quality chutneys and relishes that make experimenting with traditional Indian flavors easy for those with all palate levels.

With so much creativity in regards to small-batch condiments, it seems like building a well-stocked condiment bar for the home is the only option.