Date Lady's Flavored Balsamic Vinegar is Prepared with California Dates

 - Sep 23, 2015
References: ilovedatelady
Enjoying a flavored balsamic vinegar often requires an acquired taste, but the Date Lady's Balsamic Date Vinegar balances the bitter acidity of the dressing with sweetness from an unusual source.

The unique balsamic vinegar is prepared by combining California dates with organic balsamic vinegar from Modena, creating a well-rounded vinegar that provides the perfect hint of sweetness for salads. Beyond this, Date Lady even suggests that the Balsamic Date Vinegar should be paired with strawberry ice cream.

Balsamic vinegar is just one of the few fermented food and drink items that are coming into popularity as the health-conscious movement goes mainstream. As well as being flavorful and having the ability to enhance other sweet and savory flavors without overpowering them, fermented products offer a range of health benefits in a single, easy-to-consume form.