This Meyer Lemon Relish from Akka's Handcrafted Foods is Tangy

 - Jan 19, 2016
References: food52
One of Akka's Handcrafted Foods staple products, this Meyer Lemon Relish two-pack is a tangy and spicy addition to any well-stocked condiment cupboard. Described by the brand as a "savory, hotter version of marmalade," the adventurous, citrus-infused condiment is quick way to reinvigorate any tired dish.

Akka's Handcrafted Foods is an artisanal brand based in Fremont, California that produces a range of marmalades, chutneys and jams. Akka's Handcrafted Foods was founded in 2008 when owner Lawrence Dass made her own version of Meyer lemon Indian pickle relish and brought it a friend's party. The sauce was an instant hit and Dass was inspired by how easily they found they could use it, even though they weren't necessarily familiar with Indian cuisine and flavors.