From Automated Pharmacy Kiosks to Anonymous Dermatology Apps

 - Oct 10, 2015
The top October 2015 health trends include dermatologist-accessing apps, automated pharmacy kiosks and bee-delivered biocontrols.

With hours of operation being one of the main obstacles for patients when needing to retrieve over-the-counter medications, the automated pharmacy kiosk could solve this issue and completely change how we interact with drug stores. Located in a subway station, the automated machine stocks over 140 products including allergy medication and first aid supplies.

Meanwhile, First Derm is a dermatological app that allows users access to skincare advice on-demand. Offering 24-hour support, the app could be revolutionary given the months-long wait times at traditional dermatology clinics.

The top October 2015 health trends showcase the role of technology in increasing accessibility to healthcare advice and resources.