These Ads Demonstrate a Better Way for Patients to Manage Diabetes

 - Sep 9, 2015
References: afrezza & mmm-online
'Afrezza' recently launched a new campaign for its inhaled insulin product. For pharmaceutical companies that specialize in diabetes, it is important to demonstrate how a particular product can help a patient increase their quality of life. These clever ads outline the advantages of using inhaled insulin instead of needles and pens each day.

The direct-to-consumer campaign features a series of ads that appear online as well as in print. The ads feature three people casually using their inhaled insulin in public places such as restaurants and parks. The idea is to show patients the ease of using an inhaler instead of a needle. The ad comes with the tagline, "surprise, it's insulin," which alludes to the fact that the inhaler provides a more subtle way of managing diabetes in public.

Rather than simply providing information about the product, the Afrezza ads show consumers exactly how the product would fit into their daily life.