From Wicked Wizardly Cocktails to Canine Selfie Devices

 - Oct 12, 2015
These October 2015 lifestyle trends range from canine selfie devices to wizardly cocktail recipes -- Graphic Nerdity's set of 'Harry Shooters' recipes draws inspiration from Harry Potter characters and spell names. In addition to the month's pop culture-themed food and beverage examples, a focus on social business is also prevalent.

From pop-up community kitchens to sickness-detecting bandaids, the month's health and community innovations aim to end poverty while increasing health access for those who can't afford it. Furthermore, disabled pet portraits promote higher adoption rates among canines with conditions like blindness while cork yoga mats prove that sustainability is as healthy for the planet as fitness is for one's overall health.

Other memorable October 2015 lifestyle trends include 3D chocolate printers and single serve wine subscriptions. While Vinebox offers quality wine samples for those on a budget, Hershey's CocoJet makes custom treats available to the snack brand's loyal consumers.